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Creative coding is revolutionary

30 May 2021

Creative coding is revolutionary.

In creative coding, the audience isn’t the product being sold. There aren’t viruses, cookies, or telescreens built into the art. Nor does it employ psychological tricks to keep you scrolling.

It’s good, honest programming. You make something, and let the world engage with it on their terms.

Everybody has to make a living. Although, some things aren’t worth making a living at. All things being equal, people would prefer some level of recognition, status, and compensation for their crafts than not. At a basic level, getting paid for something is a useful signal.

Today’s dominant platforms have some level of usefulness, either for their practical benefits, or just being fun. The problem is we push people to use tech far past what’s good for them, in service of some pointless business goal.

When you code creatively you rediscover the joy of programming. Unencumbered by what should be done you can tell the stories that you want to tell. The mindset it gives you helps you make better decisions about what to work on in your job, or other projects.