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02 January 2022

I made this sketch thinking about Teotihuacan, an ancient city close to what's now Mexico City. I'd read about it in The Dawn of Everything and I wanted to make something inspired by the city's diagram in the book.

In this sketch I create grids of squares. I split the canvas into a grid. Each grid cell can be further divided into its own grid until a maximum depth is reached. For each grid cell I decide whether to divide it further, or show a square in that grid cell's space.

I choose between a range of random integers to decide how many cells a new grid should have. This offsets the grid lines, making the sketch a little more dynamic and less monotonous.

The sketch uses black and gray. Because the cells have the same color, the join together into some neat shapes. It also reminded me of the stone ruins of a city lost to time.

Here's a version with a red palette. The individual squares show more in this one.

Link to code